Systain3r Summit • June 20-23, 2024 • CryptoCastle Germany
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We empower women & non-binary people to create sustainable futures with AI, Web3 and Systems Thinking

Envision the profound transformation ignited when the brightest minds in AI, Web3, and sustainability converge systematically, shaping substantial and revolutionary futures. We move beyond discourse, actively building the extraordinary.

Our vision

The SystAIn3r community sees itself as the catalytic force propelling the transformative potential of AI, Web3, and systems thinking. We strive to unite talents and inspire innovation, bridding the technological divide and shaping the world into a more efficient, equitable, and sustainable future.  

AI and Web3 technologies represent the cutting edge of digital innovation, holding transformative potential for nearly every aspect of society. AI has the power to automate, optimize, and revolutionize processes across industries, from healthcare to logistics, education, and beyond. Web3, with its decentralized nature, provides opportunities for secure, transparent, and equitable digital interactions and transactions.

Systems thinking, on the other hand, allows for a holistic view of problems and solutions, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and the breaking down of silos. It helps to understand the complexities and interconnectedness of our world, fostering solutions that are sustainable and balanced.

We meticulously select our fellows, curating an exceptional ensemble of experienced, diverse, and influential talents. Prioritizing community, we foster connections early, setting the stage for a thriving, innovation-centric network. With an emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaboration, we dismantle silos, unlocking potential for trailblazing ideas.

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We create strong connections
& hands-on learning experience

Diverse & Influential

We hand-pick fellows to ensure that we have an outstanding mix of experienced, diverse and influential women

Vibrant hackathons

We put extra care in facilitating connections well before the hackathon to create a vibrant community and a breeding ground for cutting-edge innovations

Connecting Silos

Strong focus on cross-discipline connections to open up silos & create potential for avant-garde ideas
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