March 27, 2024

SystAIn3r Launches AI and Web3 Events for UN's Sustainable Development Goals

[Munich, September 10, 2023] — SystAIn3r, a trailblazing community at the intersection of technology and sustainability, is thrilled to announce its two flagship events: an online community strategy workshop named 'SystAIn3r Expert Discovery' held on August 19, and an in-person hackathon from September 21-23 in Munich. These events assemble experts from the realms of AI, Web3, and sustainability to devise systemic and sustainable solutions for the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovative Workshop: SystAIn3r Expert Discovery Sets the Stage

Inspired by the principles of the renowned Malik's Syntegration®, the SystAIn3r Expert Discovery was an innovative workshop leveraging cutting-edge collaborative methodologies to unite a diverse cohort of experts. Participants will unravel the critical question:

“How can we employ AI and Web3 to develop systemic, sustainable solutions for the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and how can we simultaneously create a tech environment that fosters greater gender inclusivity?”

As Dr. Constantin Malik, executive director at the Malik Institute, notes, "In an ever-changing world, synergy and integration are keys to solving complex issues. The urgency to address our global sustainability challenges has never been greater. We look forward to supporting the SystAIn3r Expert Discovery to tap into collective intelligence."

From Online Insights to Real-World Action: SystAIn3r's In-Person Hackathon

The insights gathered from the online community event have laid the groundwork for SystAIn3r's in-person hackathon in Munich. This intensive event will gather 100 carefully selected participants from various sectors to collaborate on 20 projects over three productive days, focusing on areas such as inclusive tech development, AI for sustainable urban development, decentralized finance solutions for sustainability, systemic design of tech ecosystems, data-driven monitoring of sustainable impact, and innovative financing for sustainable initiatives.

"Sustainability and technology should not exist in separate silos," says Yip Thy-Diep Ta, founder of SystAIn3r. "Our mission with SystAIn3r and these flagship events is to bridge the technological divide and harness the power of AI and Web3 technologies to create impactful, systemic change. We are committed to fostering collaboration and innovation towards a sustainable future."

Mentorship Community: SystAIn3r's Network of Industry Pioneers

SystAIn3r boasts an unparalleled mentorship community, comprising world leaders and industry pioneers from a diverse range of organizations. These mentors bring a wealth of expertise and insights to the platform, stemming from their rich experiences in domains like AI, blockchain, web3, and sustainability. SystAIn3r’s Munich cohort is supported by influential organizations in the tech and impact sectors, including Wayra, H.E.R. Dao, DLT Talents, 42Heilbronn, TUM Blockchain Club, ReDi, Women in AI & Robotics, Bits & Pretzels, Staking Facilities, Deloitte, InsurTech Hub, Moongate. Those interested in joining the SystAIn3r community or participating in the upcoming events can visit for more details.

Advocating for Sustainability: SystAIn3r's Vision for the Future

Dr. Christin Schäfer, a prominent advocate for sustainability and gender inclusivity in tech, shares her enthusiasm for the upcoming event:

"The profound challenges confronting humanity may seem overwhelming, potentially immobilizing us in a state of shock. Nonetheless, let us remember that we hold the power to create change. Through collaborative efforts, pooling our expertise and experiences, we will undoubtedly unlock innovative solutions. SustAIn3r presents itself as one pathway to our ambitions, promising joy to all participants while collectively propelling us towards our objectives. I am genuinely enthused about the forthcoming events."

About SystAIn3r

SystAIn3r is a forward-thinking community, with a goal of harnessing the power of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and web3 to address pressing global challenges. It strives to accelerate progress towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, while also advocating for gender inclusivity in the tech sector. Comprising tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders, SystAIn3r seeks to foster collaboration, exchange of ideas, and practical solution-building through its strategic advisory and implementation of hackathons. For more information, visit