June 15, 2024

AI Avatar Leya Love Top Open Hearts and Minds at the Conference‍

As the SystAIn3r Summit & Unconference Retreat 2024@CryptoCastle approaches, the fusion of cutting-edge technology with sustainable innovation is poised to captivate attendees. Keynote speakers Leya Love, a groundbreaking AI avatar, and sustainability veteran expert Marc Buckley are set to deliver fresh perspectives on future technologies within the historic ambiance of CryptoCastle.

Berlin/Leipzig – This June, the baroque splendor of CryptoCastle, located between Berlin and Leipzig, becomes the nexus of global innovation as the SystAIn3r Summit & Unconference Retreat unfolds. The event is set to spark groundbreaking dialogues on AI, Web3, and sustainability, with participants from 15 countries across 3 continents demonstrating a vibrant commitment to diversity in tech, sustainability, and health.

Dynamic Keynotes from AI and Sustainability Leaders

Leya Love, the AI avatar created by Swiss Tech Company Cosmiq Universe, alongside sustainability champion Marc Buckley, will headline the event. Leya will address crucial global and social consciousness themes, reflecting her role as a symbol of digital innovation and planetary health. Marc Buckley will delve into resilient systems and sustainable frameworks that are transforming industries globally. 

Interactive Experiences and Networking to the Third Power

Beyond discussions and keynotes, the Summit offers a range of interactive activities: from summer solstice celebrations to wellness challenges that encourage participants to think beyond their physical and mental limits. A special attraction is the treasure hunt for the golden egg, symbolizing the quest for new solutions and ideas.

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About the SystAIn3r 2024 Summit & Unconference Retreat

The SystAIn3r 2024 Summit & Unconference Retreat invites you to shape the future. It’s a venue where thought leaders, innovators and investors from a variety of disciplines & critical industries meet to shape the direction of tech and sustainability, guided by a recognition of the need for holistic well-being.

About the Aeternity Foundation

The Aeternity Foundation fosters open-source development and decentralization as global standards for secure, scalable blockchain solutions. Through its support of initiatives that promote innovation and education, the foundation empowers communities worldwide to build a more equitable future.

About the CryptoCastle

The CryptoCastle is more than a historic venue; it's a statement. A symbol of what happens when history meets the cutting edge of technology – and a perfect metaphor for the SystAIn3r Summit itself.