May 8, 2024

Innovation with Impact: Lee Lin Liew's Journey to Transform Dog Welfare through Web3

From Tech Expert to Animal Advocate: Learn how Lee Lin Liew is using her Web3 expertise to make a difference in the lives of dogs worldwide with her innovative project, DogLibre.

Lee Lin Liew meets the world with a gentle nod and a reflective gaze, quiet gestures that hint at her profound depth and steadfast resilience. Behind her calm and composed facade burns a visionary fire within the Web3 domain, where her technical expertise and deep passion for animal rights converge. At the helm of DogLibre, she skillfully turns advanced blockchain technology and crypto economics into powerful tools for social good, tirelessly working to ensure a safer future for animals. Deep-rooted in the Web3 space, Lee Lin Liew is widely recognized for her pioneering contributions as one of the first advisors to Decentraland, the first decentralized metaverse unicorn crafted, governed, and owned by its users. At our SystAIn3r Summit & Castle Retreat in June, she will push the boundaries of conversation around ethical technology use, demonstrating her commitment to making a difference not just in technology, but in sentient beings' lives. Explore the inspiring journey of Lee Lin Liew, a visionary leader who is passionately advancing technology, championing animal rights, and empowering women.

1. Can you start by telling us a bit about your background? What led you to the field of Web3, and how did your journey bring you to found DogLibre?

My background is deeply rooted in the telecommunications sector, where I've traversed a diverse landscape from startups in Silicon Valley to established carriers across the United States, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. However, my foray into the realm of Web3 was serendipitous, sparked by a chance encounter with a venture capitalist at a private event. 

Intrigued by the principles of decentralization, autonomy, and the vision of a more equitable world through decentralized means, I found myself irresistibly drawn into the Web3 space. Initially, I offered consultancy services to Web3 founders, sharing my expertise and insights. Yet, my fascination with this transformative technology soon propelled me into an entrepreneurial journey of my own.

For the past seven years, I've been actively engaged in building and shaping the Web3 landscape, driven by a shared commitment to innovation and positive change. This journey ultimately led me to found DogLibre, where I could merge my passion for technology with a heartfelt dedication to animal welfare.

2. What was the inspiration behind DogLibre? Can you share the moment or experience that sparked the idea for this Web3-based project to safeguard dogs?

The inspiration behind DogLibre is deeply personal to me. It stems from my childhood experiences and a profound sense of empathy for stray dogs that has been ingrained in me from a young age.

My parents were avid advocates for animal welfare, and they began rescuing abandoned and stray dogs long before I was born. I vividly recall one particular moment from my childhood when I witnessed stray dogs being struck by cars on a busy road while waiting for my school bus at the station. It was a sight that deeply impacted me, along with my fellow young commuters, one of whom expressed a heartfelt wish to teach the dogs how to safely cross the street. This shared sentiment left us all shaken and wishing for a way to help.

Growing up, my family and I engaged in small-scale rescue efforts and contributed to shelters whenever possible. Despite my passion for dogs and numerous prompts from friends in the Web3 space to initiate a project aimed at aiding stray dogs, I hesitated to take action.

However, the urgency of the situation became glaringly apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shelters were struggling to survive and feed their animals amid reduced public attention and financial constraints. The plight of stray dogs became even more dire, exacerbated by the surge in puppy mill purchases as individuals sought companionship during lockdowns, only to abandon these pets when life returned to "normal." This influx of abandoned animals further burdened shelters, highlighting the pressing need for intervention.

Motivated by this stark reality and buoyed by the encouragement and support of friends, I resolved that we could not remain idle in the face of such adversity. It was this conviction that propelled me to embark on the journey of founding DogLibre, leveraging Web3 technologies to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals.

Lee Lin Liew with Milo

About the picture above: "Milo faced abandonment twice in his young life, by two different families, when he was just a year old pup. Despite this adversity, my family and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had him as a beloved companion for the past decade. On December 14, 2023, Milo crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving behind a void that can never be filled. He is deeply cherished and forever missed."

3. DogLibre is described as a meme-coin with utility. What is a meme-coin, and what utility does it provide? Why is this important? 

DogLibre is indeed a unique project, described as a meme-coin with utility, or as we like to call it, a "meme with a mission." But what exactly is a meme-coin, and why is it important? A meme-coin is a type of cryptocurrency that gains popularity and value through the virality of internet memes. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are primarily based on technological innovations or utility, meme-coins rely on humorous or culturally relevant content to attract attention and drive demand. These coins often feature meme-inspired branding, names, or imagery that resonates with online communities, leading to increased engagement and speculation.

However, DogLibre distinguishes itself from typical meme-coins by focusing on real-world utility and impact. Our project is driven by a personal passion for dogs and a commitment to leveraging the positive aspects of the crypto market to create tangible value. We believe that cryptocurrencies can be more than just speculative assets – they can be powerful tools for social good.

DogLibre's long-term initiatives reflect this ethos. From NFT gamification to easy adoption platforms, our goal is to translate the positive aspects of the crypto market into concrete, well-defined initiatives that benefit dogs and their caregivers alike. By integrating these initiatives into our ecosystem, we aim to revolutionize the dog care sector while making a meaningful difference in the lives of animals around the world. Our project isn't just about dominating the meme industry; it's about democratizing the dog care sector and creating a future where every dog has access to the care and support they deserve.

The initiatives we're implementing are extensive and diverse, covering various aspects of dog welfare and care. This includes:

The team behind DogLibre is deeply passionate about dogs, DAOs, gaming, and economics—a perfect blend that drives our mission to democratize the dog care sector while making a significant impact in the meme industry. We're not just here to follow trends; we're here to set a new standard for what meme-coins can achieve.

4. Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for DogLibre, and how do you see it evolving in the next few years? What impact do you hope to achieve through your project?

In the long term, our vision for DogLibre is to emerge as the premier platform for advancing dog welfare globally. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to instigate sustainable change that reverberates across borders. Over the next few years, we're committed to broadening our reach and fostering strategic alliances with shelters, veterinarians, and other vital stakeholders. Through these collaborations, we intend to fortify our platform's capabilities, enabling it to facilitate a diverse spectrum of initiatives aimed at bolstering canine well-being.

Our overarching objective is to sculpt a reality where every dog is afforded access to high-quality care, shelter, and affection. Through our persistent endeavors, we aspire to etch a profound and enduring legacy in the lives of dogs and their human companions. Ultimately, we endeavor to nurture a future where the bond between humans and dogs is not merely revered but actively celebrated, fostering a symbiotic relationship characterized by mutual respect and unwavering devotion.

5. How do you see the Web3 industry evolving in the next few years, particularly in terms of ethical implications and opportunities?

In the coming years, we anticipate the Web3 industry to experience rapid growth and innovation, with increasing adoption across various sectors. However, this growth also brings ethical implications and opportunities that must be carefully considered. As stewards of the Web3 ecosystem, it is our responsibility to prioritize ethical considerations, including data privacy, decentralization, and inclusivity. We believe that Web3 has the potential to empower individuals and communities, democratize access to resources, and promote transparency and accountability. However, it is essential to address ethical challenges such as digital rights, algorithmic bias, and sustainability issue to ensure that Web3 technologies benefit society as a whole. Through collaboration, education, and responsible innovation, we can shape a future where Web3 fosters positive social change and empowers individuals to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

6. As a female founder in the predominantly male tech industry, particularly in the Web3 space, what advice would you give to other women entrepreneurs starting their own projects?

Well, I've never been one to dwell on gender differences. In fact, it often doesn't even cross my mind until I'm reminded in the most unexpected ways – like having the female bathroom all to myself during my startup days in Silicon Valley! But setting humor aside, my advice to fellow women entrepreneurs is straightforward: perceive your non-female counterparts as equals, and expect the same in return. The essence lies in establishing a level playing field where everyone's skills and contributions are valued, regardless of gender. Yet, it's equally vital to recognize the systemic hurdles women frequently encounter in male-dominated environments. Equality isn't always readily available. Therefore, it's crucial to advocate for yourself and your peers, ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities to thrive. Ultimately, it's about fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, where the richness of diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated and embraced.

7. We're thrilled to have you join us at the SystAIn3r Summit. Could you share with us why you decided to participate in this event and what you are hoping to achieve or gain from the experience?

It's truly an honor to be part of the SystAIn3r Summit, and I'm excited to share why DogLibre is here. Our decision to participate in this event stems from our deep commitment to a cause we hold dear. We believe in leveraging technology for positive social impact, and the SystAIn3r Summit aligns perfectly with this ethos. By joining this esteemed gathering, we aim to introduce DogLibre to a wider audience who shares our values and passion for making a difference. Through collaboration and exchange of ideas, we hope to forge meaningful connections and explore potential partnerships that can further amplify our mission. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to join us in our journey towards creating a world where every dog is cherished and cared for. Thank you for this opportunity, and we look forward to engaging with all of you at the summit.


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