June 2, 2024

Insights on Consciousness and Longevity You Can't Miss! From SystAIn3r LinkedIn Live Lunch Bytes

Have you ever pondered how to live a longer, better, and more satisfying life while also extending your lifespan? The pursuit of longevity is more important than ever since new discoveries in science and technology are making it possible to improve our quality of life. We will discuss the significance of longevity, the function of biohacking, the link between consciousness and longevity, and the most recent developments in technology that are opening doors to a longer, healthier future in this blog post. We'll also delve into the insights shared by leading experts in these fields, highlighting their different views and where they align.

What is Longevity?

Living better is what it means to be long-lived, not just longer. In the words of J3D.AI Labs co-founder Yip, "Longevity is about regenerative economy from within." We can build a world where individuals live healthier lives and contribute to a more successful and sustainable society by putting more emphasis on longevity. This comprehensive view of longevity takes into account social effect, mental health, and physical health, which makes it an important subject in the modern world.

In line with the SystAIn3r community’s vision to "host the brightest and lightest beings who are at the cutting edge of science and technology and care about building a world in which we leave a legacy for something we care about", Yip's emphasizes how crucial it is to include longevity into our systems of social and economic organization.

Biohacking for a Longer Life

The practice of "biohacking" involves extending the life and performance of the body through science, technology, and self-experimentation. A major theme was the data gap in research and clinical trials, especially for women's health and biology. Panelists highlight how many drugs and treatments have been developed and tested primarily on men, leading to suboptimal or even harmful outcomes for women. Expert in biohacking, Judith stresses the significance of using biohacking methods such as cryotherapy and intermittent fasting to address health issues particular to gender. Committed to ensuring that women receive personalized and effective treatments for their specific health issues, she wants to give hope to those with diseases like endometriosis and PCOS by advancing innovative technology and treatments. As Judith puts it, "I want to talk about the hidden pitfalls, all the things that I, for example, didn't realize for a long time," emphasizing the necessity of more unique approaches in biohacking.

Judith's focus on gender-specific issues is complemented by Zorrie, the CEO of Glyson Age, who discusses the importance of biomarkers and epigenetics in understanding longevity. "We need to look at the fundamentals of biology to see the differences and gaps in this field," Zorrie states. Though Judith stresses real-world applications and Zorrie concentrates on scientific research, both Judith and Zorriee concur that customized methods to biohacking are necessary.

The Role of Consciousness in Longevity

Our entire well-being and lifespan are greatly influenced by our mental and conscious states. Expert in neuropsychology and neuroeconomy Antonia emphasizes how crucial it is to program our minds for longevity and purpose. "We are born with this super powerful technology that is our mind," she continues. Instead of becoming bogged down by bad news, Antonia proposes that we should begin our days by concentrating on our life's purpose and good ideas. "When we wake up, let's install our thoughts on purpose in our mental world before connecting with any other information," she suggests.

Melina shares Antonia's viewpoint by stressing the value of mental images and the caliber of our ideas. "The quality of our thoughts and the quality of our mental world will impact our longevity and the quality of our life," Melina says. She envisions a future where people proactively program their minds for purpose, hope, and joy, enhancing their overall quality of life. Although Melina explores the more profound facets of mental programming, Antonia concentrates more on everyday activities. Nevertheless, both experts acknowledge the importance of mental health in lifespan.

Technological Advancements in Longevity

More people than ever before can now afford longevity thanks to the quick developments in technology. Saravanan, a health technologist, machine learning and artificial intelligence expert, thinks these technologies can cut down on the time and expense of longevity research. "With AI and big data, we can personalize treatments and interventions, making them more effective and widely available," he says. "Paucity of time is going to vanish," according to Saravanan, in the future because of advances in technology.

Yip, who emphasizes the exponential advancement of technology, likewise has this upbeat perspective. "The growth curve of technological development is exponential," she states. "We are developing technology, but the development goes like this, boom, like a moonshot”.

When talking about the promise of technology in the future, Antonia uses the example of building digital twins to test therapies and simulate aging, which speeds up research. This novel strategy has the potential to greatly accelerate the creation of longevity therapies.

Real-Life Applications and Future Prospects

Longevity has a bright future because of the many practical uses that are currently having an impact. Both Antonia and Judith are focused on making longevity research accessible and applicable. One instance of how scientific research is being applied to real-world problems is Antonia's work on creating remedies for age-related skin conditions like vitiligo. "We are developing a cure for skin disease called vitiligo, which is interesting from a longevity perspective because it's indirectly related to aging," she says. The goal of Judith to help people with chronic illnesses through innovative technologies and treatments also emphasizes the useful uses of longevity research. Launching on July 1st, her new platform Biohacking Eve will cover topics such as intermittent fasting, cryotherapy, and gender medicine. It aims to address hidden pitfalls and provide differentiated approaches for women. "If we have someone who's coming up with a solution, I do actually want to start bringing these people together," she continues. 

Moonshots for the Future

Saravanan highlights the significance of teamwork and cross-disciplinary endeavors in accomplishing these lofty objectives. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and the collaboration of specialists from diverse sectors, his company Amura AI hopes to establish a future in which longevity science is widely available, promoting a more just and inclusive society. "We can together achieve unthinkable... the next level of breakthrough will come from interdisciplinary collaboration from outside of the industry, perspectives and skill sets that come into your industry, your bubble, and all of a sudden bring it to another level of playing together."

 “At SystAin3r, our goal as an impact project is to increase the size of the pie by bringing experts and various stakeholders together in a conscious way. There's no time to waste," says Kevin Varend, cofounder of SystAIn3r, "so we intentionally take the time to work out at the intersection of these different disciplines, how true collaboration can be worked out and catalyzed." Emphasizing the importance of bringing together experts from diverse fields to work on systemic sustainability using AI and Web3 technologies, Kevin believes that true collaboration can lead to groundbreaking advancements in longevity and other impactful verticals.


Longevity is a complex path involving developments in technology, mental and physical health, and both. Through comprehending and implementing the knowledge imparted by specialists in the domain, we can make significant progress toward leading longer and more robust lives. We can achieve the future of longevity by using the newest technologies, biohacking, or training our minds for success.


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Read more about Panelists & Their Projects

  1. Antonia Schultze-Mosgau, neuroeconomist, psychologist, CEO @Gowing Life & Oxford Natural, PhD from Cambridge.
  1. Judith Mueller, venture capital investor in longevity, board member, author, host of “Biohacking Eve”.
  1. Zorrie Dimitrova, COO at GlycanAge and world-renowned speaker.
  1. Yip Thy Diep, INSEAD MBA, Ex-McKinsey, WEF author, founder and CEO of J3D.AI and SystAIn3r.
  1. Saravanan Balakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Amura AI, a pioneering Indian leader in health technology.
  1. Melina Gioia Vicario, a top 10 global biohacker, author of first biohacking book in Spanish in the world, educator and expert on longevity.
  1. With Kevin, founder and COO of J3D.AI, UC Berkley trained Mindfulness teacher, and academic researcher on cognitive executive functioning, as our moderator.

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