April 10, 2024

Shaping the Future – Growing Together! Exclusive Tech Retreat Opens Early Bird Access

Berlin/ Leipzig, 10.04.2024 – The SystAIn3r Summit invites women, allies, pioneers, and visionaries to an extraordinary experience at the historic baroque Crypto Castle, situated between Berlin and Leipzig, from June 20-23, 2024. This exclusive retreat transcends traditional conference formats, embodying the spirit of 'unconference' to foster spontaneous conversations and thriving workshops that drive the exchange of ideas.

Yip Thy Diep Ta, co-founder of SystAIn3r (pronounced /ˈsɪst.eɪn.ər/) and an ardent supporter of women in tech, together with Sabrina Görlich, have designed an event where curiosity and questioning pave the way to innovation, without ever losing sight of the health and longevity. 

“We're crafting a narrative of systems change, so that every participant leaves with more than just knowledge. Our goal is to create an empowered sense of self and a strong interdisciplinary network of leaders of impactful change. All just a phone call away,” says Yip. And CPO Sabrina adds, "In a world where so many questions often go unasked, we’re creating a space for every voice to be heard, encouraging every question to fuel progress.”

"SystAIn3r is more than a conference. It’s a collaborative retreat where tech meets tranquility, generating transformative outcomes for both individuals and industry," says Yip Thy Diep Ta.

Attendees will engage deeply with the hottest topics of our times, building on the summit’s four dynamic pillars: AI & The Future of Work, Web3 Decentralization & The Economy, Consciousness & The Future of Humanity, and Health & The Future of Life. Each pillar represents a foundation of the SystAIn3r philosophy, offering participants a rich choice of masterclasses, workshops, and keynotes designed to help them acquire profound knowledge through shared learning experiences. 
Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg, a leading voice in health and sustainability, will share her expertise in a keynote set to be one of the summit’s highlights. The SystAIn3r Podcast, produced on-site, curated by Allan Davidson, founder and host of a national CBS News technology radio show, will capture the essence of the discussions through inspiring interviews with attendees.

The SystAIn3r Summit offers an invitation to the future by and for thought leaders and innovators, an exclusive venue to shape the direction of both today’s critical tech and sustainability. An invite-only gathering, SystAIn3r champions holistic well-being alongside professional growth in technology.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary event. Early Bird tickets are available for a limited time, offering a chance to experience this melding of minds at an exceptional value.

For more information visit www.systAin3r.com or apply for attendance here.

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About Crypto Castle

The Crypto Castle is more than a historic venue; it's a statement. A symbol of what happens when history meets the cutting edge of technology – and a perfect metaphor for the SystAIn3r Summit itself.

About Yip Thy Diep Ta

Yip Thy Diep Ta, renowned for championing women in blockchain and AI, has been instrumental in launching initiatives like the DLT Talents program with the Frankfurt School of Finance Blockchain Center, while fostering growth, diversity and equity in tech. Her collaborative efforts with the late Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, fondly remembered and who continues to inspire, have paved the way for future female leaders in the field.

About SystAIn3r Summit & Unconference Retreat

The SystAIn3r Summit & Unconference Retreat is an invitation to shape the future – a home where thought leaders, innovators and investors from multiple disciplines & critical industries converge to shape the direction of tech and sustainability, grounded in the ethos of holistic well-being.