May 8, 2024

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg Confirmed as Keynote Speaker

The SystAIn3r 2024 Summit & Unconference Retreat is set to generate new impetus in discussions on future technologies and social responsibility. High-profile keynote speakers and a unique program await participants in the historic environment of the renowned CryptoCastle. It’s an invitation to women and all genders who work at the intersection of technology and inclusion.

Berlin/Leipzig, May 8, 2024 – The SystAIn3r 2024 Summit & Unconference Retreat, will take place at the renowned baroque "CryptoCastle" located between Berlin and Leipzig, from June 20-23, 2024 is proud to announce this year’s keynote speakers:  Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg and Allan Davidson.

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg is a leading expert in health and sustainable development as well as a highly sought-after speaker at international conferences where she regularly addresses topics such as digital ethics and social innovation. Her research has contributed significantly to the integration of sustainable practices into corporate governance and education, earning her numerous accolades. The founder of several social and impact startups, author and journalist is among other president of the Club of Budapest Germany, Member of the Club of Rome, Nexus Global and Fellow of Aspen Institute. Looking forward to the event, Anabel emphasizes: “With this event format, the content concept and the mix of participating personalities, the SystAIn3r Team has created a unique conference and community format that wonderfully combines technology knowledge and the discourse on it with values, systemic thinking and collaboration.” 

Allan Davidson, known as an innovator and visionary in the field of technology media, has dedicated his career to understanding and promoting the latest technologies. As a long-time host of a radio show on CBS News, he has committed himself to making complex topics accessible to a broad audience. His contributions have made him a valued commentator on the evolution of digital media and artificial intelligence. The SystAIn3r 2024 Podcast "Castle Edition" will be produced live at the event under his direction.

Lee Lin Liew, is a Web3 Veteran and the Founder of DogLibre, a meme-powered project dedicated to transforming the global dog care industry leveraging disruptive technologies, innovative initiatives and community-driven solutions. She will share her insights about actually getting a project with purpose off the ground.

Mahault Albarracin, a prominent speaker on Innovations in AI, continues to advocate for inclusivity in technology. With a background in social sciences and a current focus in cognitive computing, Mahault leads initiatives at VERSES designed to reconcile artificial intelligence with its societal impact. As a keynote speaker, she explores the nuanced relationships between artificial intelligence, consciousness, and society.

Marcel Kuhn, the Swiss bestselling author, is an expert surfer, and weaves profound lessons from the surf and the ocean into his approach to leading transformation. He will help participants achieve the optimal mindset for accomplishing the impossible, riding the wave of change instead of fighting it.

Monique Ventura, Senior Director at SAP, co-founder of a circular economy startup “Tokilia”, part-time teacher at the University Assas-Sorbonne in Paris, will address crucial sustainability topics, exploring the current situation as well as future directions as part of a talk titled “Status Quo in Sustainability: Quo Vadis?” In her session, she will probe why progress in sustainability needs to advance fast, offering insights into the actions that are essential.

Yip Thy-Diep Ta, Founder of the SystAIn3r 2024 Summit, is excited: "The dedication of Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg and Allan Davidson to their respective fields makes them ideal keynote speakers for our Summit. Their deep connection to sustainability and technological education perfectly reflects the values we are promoting with this event.”

Yip, a pioneer in the fields of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, brings a clear vision to the Summit, one focused on developing technological solutions for social justice and environmental sustainability. Her expertise as an author and as a speaker at global forums has made her an influential voice in international discussions about sustainable and ethical technology development.

Participants in the summit will engage intensely with the four key topics that are the foundations of SystAIn3r's approach:

These topics will be explored in masterclasses, workshops and keynotes based on collaborative learning. Each participant will bring their unique expertise and perspective to the conversation, making SystAIn3r's program as diverse and inspiring.

To amplify the impact of this groundbreaking event focusing on empowering 100 trailblazing women in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3, sustainability, and longevity, SystAIn3r has launched a strategic partnership with Aeternity Foundation, a prominent advocate for decentralized blockchain technology and open-source development. 

“This partnership highlights the Aeternity Foundation's dedication to advancing diversity and decentralization within the technology sector. We view blockchain technology as a crucial means to promote equity across the board. Moreover, the summit will serve as a dynamic platform to tackle the significant imbalances in technology fields, empowering all participants to lead, influence, and drive innovation in these critical areas” says Nikola Stojanow, head of Aeternity Foundation.

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The Aeternity Foundation fosters open-source development and decentralization as global standards for secure, scalable blockchain solutions. Through its support of initiatives that promote innovation and education, the foundation empowers communities worldwide to build a more equitable future.

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